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Duckie Thot for Pat McGrath, 2016

Fashion Spotlight: Seth Brown

If you love moving image magic, Seth Brown (pictured below) is the name you have to know. He’s covered Fashion Week with Tumblr, created wondrous portraits, worked with notable clients, and most recently introduced his very own global filter. Here’s more about this mega talented artist.


Congrats on a new filter, how did that creative process work?

Thanks! I appreciate the support. My filter ᑭᒪᗩᑎᗩᖇ ᖇOTᗩTIOᑎ explores the ways a 2D image can exist in a 3D space. I wanted to be able to re-create one of my favorite techniques “on-the-go”, and this AR/filter route turned out to be a great shortcut for me, with the added bonus of letting others try it out on their own devices.


What work excites you the most?

I really enjoy things with a sense of humor and/or self-awareness. In terms of wearables, I’m fired up about Nicole McLaughlin’s sandals and pants made from a random assortment of materials, and the hats and skirts assembled from vintage/worn camo by Philip and his (upcoming) Pis Aller project. Brian Downey’s tortilla hat also had me cracking up recently. In terms of media and entertainment, I like interactive shows (“Bandersnatch” on Netflix), cursors and crop-marks in visual art (v a p o r w a v e), and non-standard use of musical instruments (“Judges” by Colin Stetson).

What are you passionate about right now?

I’m a big fan of “meta” references and experiences based on user-input. Hoping to work my way into more interactive pieces (AR/filters, installations, websites…) in the next couple of years.


What’s the weirdest place that you’ve gotten inspiration from?

I spent some time working with a dishware company, and managed to break some vintage plates along the way. As upset as I was, this set me off on a kintsugi and datamosh kick… So, not a total loss?

What brings you satisfaction in your work?

Seamless loops bring me the most satisfaction, but I also love to be surprised by something during the creative process. This can come from the unpredictability of editing a video in TextEdit or just hitting render on a 3D model with new materials. (Bob Ross’s “happy little accidents”.) Not a lot of uncertainty in the digital world, so we have to add it back in where we can.


Tell us about how your amazing shirt collection started? 

My dad and grandfather both showed me (1) the value of statement shirts and (2) where to find them. Whenever I’m visiting a new place I like to hit up the local Goodwill for some shirt-hunting. (In addition to being a great way to fill a wardrobe without going broke, it’s a great way to learn about the surrounding areas.) On a rare occasion I’ll pay retail, but that’s just for things I can only get overseas.


Fluid 005
by Addae Nurse


Fluid 005
by Addae Nurse



TGIF  | Art by Michael C. Hsiung

Eckhaus Latta SS19 by Sam Shannon @sks-studios

@gypsysport SS19 by @mrgif

@theblondsny throwback by @fastcoast

The Time Machine (1960).